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James Bryant


Mac OS X
iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
Windows Mobile

Release date

Windows v0.9 Beta
WWJanuary 15, 2010
Windows v1.0
WWJanuary 31, 2010
Mac v1.0
WW</shhdyuvup>February 19, 2010
iPad v1.0
WWSeptember 10, 2010

Latest release

v2.1 (Windows, Mac)
v1.2 (iPad, iPhone)
v1.0 (Windows Mobile)


Real-time strategy


Single Player


Digital distribution

System requirements

■ iOS v2.0 or later
■ 40 MB storage space (97 MB HD)

Desktop Systems
■ Windows XP or later
■ Mac OS X 10.2 or later
■ 133 MB storage space
■ 256 MB free memory

Windows Mobile
■ Windows Mobile 2003 or later
jydui ■ 42 MB storage memory
■ 15 MB program memory


SUMMARY[edit | edit source]

Land Air Sea Warfare (abbreviated as LASW) is a real-time strategy game developed by Isotope 244. It is the sequel to Machines at War, expanding it by sea units. LASW was released in 2010 for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) and Windows Mobile. It features gameplay similar to other RTS titles like Command & Conquer: Red Alert, Age of Empires, StarCraft, Warcraft, and Supreme Commander.

OFFICIAL SITES[edit | edit source]


GAMEPLAY[edit | edit source]

While the gameplay is reminiscent of the seminal Command & Conquerseries, it does not feature soldier units. The game revolves around establishing a base and fortifying it against attacks from other factions, who are played by the computer, as well as executing invasions of the enemy bases. To build a base and open production of military units, constant mining of ore and production of energy are crucial. There are three kinds of offense unit types (ground, air and sea units) as well as defensive units to protect the base. Both are produced in specialized factories and can be deployed in groups. New technologies can be researched and in total, the tech tree contains over 100 structures and units to choose from. Among these are stealth aircraft and submarines for reconnaissance missions, aircraft to bombard enemy bases and helicopters for unit transports. In a game, literally thousands of units can be commanded simultaneously, resulting in epic battles. Specific tactics can be applied: land units can be hidden under trees for ambush attacks and tread marks left by enemy tanks can be scouted to their base. Unique mineral ores permit building of giant "Mega units" for more effective attacks. Each game is concluded by detailed statistics and graphs.

CLIMATE TYPES[edit | edit source]

The climate of the region affects only the visual appearance of the map. It determines number and distribution of trees, water, ground, etc. on the map.

There exist four different climatic settings:

  • Grassland : ment for plains like land
  • Volcanic : for a nuked  map of some sort
  • Tundra : for a ice like map
  • Desert : for outlands  map


The game uses a random map system with several types of terrain. The landscape type of the game map determines which bases and units can be built, which strategies may be applied and which kinds of mineral ore resource may be found, in turn influencing which Mega units may be built later in the game. Primarily, ground based landscapes do not have the unique resources for naval Mega units, and primarily water based landscapes do not have the resources for land Mega units.

In total, there are six different kinds of Unique resources:

  • Xephal, Crom, Isonium, Betniah, Rhoxia and Nuba
Overview of possible Unique resources
Unique resource Icon Color Mega Unit Icon Notes
Xephal Xephal Orange Titanis Titanis
Crom Crom Yellow Goliath Goliath
Isonium Isonium Turquoise Dreadnought Dreadnought
Betniah Betniah Red Rapture Rapture
Rhoxia Rhoxia Violet Magna Lase Magna Lase
Nuba Nuba Green Rapier Rapier
Comparison of Landscape types and possible Unique resources
Landscape type Description Xephal
Mainland Land with thick forests and a few lakes. Yes Yes N/A N/A Yes Yes
Oceanic The entire map is filled with water. A puristic navy map. Yes N/A Yes Yes N/A Yes
Islands Each player has his own island surrounded by water. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oasis A large sea in the center of the map surrounded by land on all sides. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Choke Point Water running through the center of the map with swamps in the middle. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Center Point All resources are at the center of the map, with lakes and forests. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Outlands Resources are found on the outside edges of the map. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Islets Many small islands. Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes
Swamp The entire map is a swamp with a few lakes. Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes
Continental A few large landmasses with rivers between them, the player may be in the sea or on land. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fortress A medium sized island in the center with all of the resources on it. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landscape type Description Xephal Crom Isonium Betniah Rhoxia Nuba

VICTORY CONDITIONS[edit | edit source]

The game can be customized with different conditions of victory:

Comparison of Victory Conditions
Condition Description
Normal Deathmatch until only one player or team remains.
Assassination The player loses if his leader (on a transport hovercraft) dies. The transport hovercraft is heavily armored and very fast.
Arms Race First player to launch a Jericho V ICBM* wins.
Team Traitors When playing teams and after one team wins, team members must defeat each other.
All Your Base The player loses if the Headquarters are destroyed .
The Mega Project The first to complete building a mega unit wins.
Scientist's Domain The first to complete researching Tech 3 wins.

* Notes:
ICBM ... InterContinental Ballistic Missile

UNITS AND BUILDINGS[edit | edit source]

This section gives an overview of available unit types and their properties.

ENGINEERING[edit | edit source]

Most of these structures are destined for energy production, some are fortification structures and others for harvesting and storing ore.

Comparison of Engineering unit types
Unit Image Description Tech * Cost Build time Armor Power * View distance Terrain *
Power Cell Power Cell Supplies power to structures and units. T1 200 13 600 +400 100 Land
Wind Turbine Wind Turbine Captures wind energy via a floating turbine. T1 300 19 500 +700 100 Air
Wall Wall Effectively blocks enemy ground units. T1 200 2 5000 0 48 Land
Outpost Outpost A lookout for enemy troops. T1 50 15 100 -50 350 Land, Sea
Storage Storage Provides storage for 3000 ore. T1 500 31 3000 -1000 100 Land, Sub
Reactor Reactor Creates power more efficiently. T2 600 38 2000 +1500 150 Land
Tidal Turbine Tidal Turbine Creates power by capturing wave motion. T2 1000 63 4000 +2500 150 Sea
Spec Mine Spec Mine Extracts unique resources to build mega units.
Extract Rate: 40
Regeneration: 15
T2 3000 120 7000 -4000 200 Land, Sub
Fusion Plant Fusion Plant Massive energy release via nuclear fusion. T3 2500 139 8000 +7500 150 Land
Geothermal Pump Geothermal Pump Converts deep sea thermal vent heat into energy. T3 2000 114 8000 +7000 150 Sub
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye Satellite/uplink station for viewing the area from space. T3 4000 209 4000 -8000 300 Air

* Notes:
Tech ...... Tech-tree
Power ..... Power created (green) / required (red)
Terrain ... Terrain type

BUILDINGS[edit | edit source]

The majority of these buildings are specialized military unit production facilities, others upgrade technologies, create protective shields or enhance/jam viewing range.

Comparison of Building types
Unit Image Description Tech Cost Build time Armor Power required View distance Terrain Range Regenerate time
Headquarters Headquarters The headquarters of the game, only one/player. Extract Rate 100. Storage 5,000 T1 2,000 130 10,000 N/A 320 Land, Sea N/A 30
— Tech 2 Tech 2 Upgrade to mine 75% more ore, increase its integrity by 30%. Enables Tech 2 units & technologies. T1 3,500 180 10,000 2000 320 Land, Sea N/A N/A
— Tech 3 Tech 3 Upgrade to mine 100% more ore, increase its integrity by 50%. Enables Tech 3 units & technologies. Requires Tech 2 T1 10,000 240 10,000 7000 320 Land, Sea N/A N/A
Land Factory Land Factory Builds land based vehicles. T1 500 19 2,000 200 200 Land N/A N/A
Air Factory Air Factory Builds aircraft. T1 900 56 3,600 600 225 Land, Sea N/A N/A
Sea Factory Sea Factory Builds naval ships and subs. T1 700 44 2,800 500 200 Sea N/A N/A
Looking Glass Looking Glass Underwater lab to research new technologies which upgrade your naval units. T2 800 90 3,000 800 100 Sub N/A 5
Orchid Orchid Labs research new technologies which upgrade your existing units. T2 600 90 2,000 500 100 Land N/A 5
Tempest Tempest A floating research station which upgrade your existing airborne units. T2 1,000 90 2,500 1200 100 Air N/A 5
Radar Tower Radar Tower Detect enemy units outside your viewing range. T2 1,500 87 3,000 1500 400 Land, Sea N/A N/A
Shield Shield Shields protect units from bullets and small rockets by creating a plasma field. T2 1,000 60 2,000 2000 200 Land, Sea 170 5
Area Shield Area Shield Shields protect units from bullets and small rockets by creating a plasma field. T3 1,500 87 3,000 4000 350 Land Sea 300 8
Disruptor Disruptor The optical disruptor blocks enemy satelites views by shining a high intensity light at them. T3 3,000 120 4,000 5000 100 Land, Sea 600 N/A
Jamming Station Jamming Station Obstructs enemy radar from detecting units near the station. T3 500 30 1,500 500 200 Land, Sea 450 N/A

LAND UNITS[edit | edit source]

All land units are produced in the Land Factory production facility.

Comparison of Land unit types
Unit Image Description Tech Cost Build time Armor Speed View distance Terrain Attacks DPS * Attack Repeat rate Ammo speed Range
Humvee Humvee Anti-air truck.
Fires optically tracked missiles
T1 175 11 210 90 150 Land Air 35 28 0.8 250 150
Challenger Challenger Light tank.
Annihilates ground units with 120mm cannon
T1 200 13 260 50 150 Land Land, Sea 40 40 1.0 300 120
Cougar Cougar Multi-role truck.
Has 15mm rapid fire machine gun.
T2 550 34 688 80 200 Land Land, Air, Sea 88 15.4 0.2 400 100
Archer Archer Mobile long range artillery.
Useful against turrets and buildings.
T2 500 31 150 30 220 Land Land, Sea 140 700 5.0 200 290
Ram Ram Anti-air truck.
Fires quad heat seeking missiles.
T2 700 44 910 65 150 Land Air 140 52.5 1.5 250 300
Viper Viper Heavy truck.
Its flamethrower liquifies enemies within a short range.
T3 1500 87 1950 75 100 Land Land, Sea 300 450 1.5 80 100
Unit Image Description Tech Cost Build time Armor Speed View distance Terrain Attacks DPS * Attack Repeat rate Ammo speed Range

* Notes:
DPS ... Damage Per Second

AMPHIBIOUS UNITS[edit | edit source]

Amphibious vehicles can produced both in the Land Factory as in the Sea Factory production facility.

Comparison of Land unit types
Unit Image Description Tech Cost Build time Armor Speed View distance Terrain Attacks DPS * Attack Repeat rate Ammo speed Range
Samum Samum Attack hovercraft.
Capable of traversing land and sea.
T2 700 44 840 90 200 Land, Sea Land, Sea 125 25 0.2 400 100
Newt Newt Repair hovercraft.
Fixes damaged units and buildings.
Power required: 300
Regenerate: 5
T2 1400 90 700 30 150 Land, Sea N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 110
Spawn Spawn Heavy attack hovercraft.
Carries a powerful long range gun.
T3 1200 75 1440 50 200 Land, Sea Land, Sea 216 108 0.5 300 150
Transport One Transport One Transport hovercraft.
Massively armored and used to transport leaders.
T3 N/A N/A 20,000 60 300 Land, Sea Land, Air, Sea 150 150 1 300 150

AIR UNITS[edit | edit source]

All air units are produced in the Air Factory production facility.

Comparison of Air unit types
Unit Image Description Tech Cost Build time Armor Speed View distance Terrain Attacks DPS Attack Repeat rate Ammo speed Range
Wasp Wasp Recon fighter.
Flies very fast and can hold its own.
T1 120 8 100 400 370 Air Air 50 10 0.2 700 370
Apache Apache Attack helicopter.
Fires guided missiles designed to destroy ground and air units.
T1 250 16 250 150 200 Air Land Air Sea 55 33 0.6 300 180
Raptor Raptor Attack fighter.
Uses high rate dual chain guns to mow down aircraft.
T2 500 31 450 350 250 Air Air 200 20 0.2 700 370
Valkyrie Valkyrie Attack bomber.
Drops a large payload on ground and sea units.
T2 600 38 400 200 250 Air Land Sea 60 600 10.0 10 200
Crane Crane Transport helicopter.
Can airlift small units across land and sea.
T2 700 44 630 100 200 Air Land Sea 91 36.4 0.4 500 100
Lancer Lancer Strategic bomber.
Carries a specialized depth charge bomb to destroy sea vessels.
T3 1200 75 800 200 250 Air Sea Sub 120 1200 10.0 10 170
Osprey Osprey Heavy attack aircraft.
Has an 80mm cannon for destroying ground and sea units.
T3 1800 103 1800 150 250 Air Land Sea 396 396 1.0 200 150
Black Widow Black Widow Advanced stealth fighter.
Invisible to enemy sight and radar due to wavefront cloaking technology.
T3 2500 134 1500 370 370 Air Land Air Sea 425 850 2.0 400 300

SEA UNITS[edit | edit source]

All sea units are produced in the Sea Factory production facility.

Comparison of Land unit types
Unit Image Description Tech Cost Build time Armor Speed View distance Terrain Attacks DPS Attack Repeat rate Ammo speed Range
Stingray Stingray Anti-air destroyer. T1 200 13 280 80 200 Sea Air 38 7.6 0.2 1000 250
Lupis Lupis Light assault boat. T1 250 16 350 50 180 Sea Land Sea 48 47.5 1.0 300 150
Seawolf Seawolf Light attack submarine. T1 300 19 360 90 200 Sub Sea Sub 60 120 2.0 130 180
Megalodon Megalodon Medium attack submarine. T2 800 50 960 90 200 Sub Sea Sub 160 320 2.0 130 180
Eel Eel Submarine with electric shock capabilities.
Damages and temporarily immobilizes sea units.
Power required: 2000
T2 1200 60 900 70 200 Sub Sea Sub 8 200 25.0 130 280
Zumwalt Zumwalt Heavy assault boat. T3 2400 134 3360 50 200 Sea Land Sea 456 228 1.0 300 150
Abyss Abyss Advanced stealth submarine.
Features cloaking technology and is invisible to enemy subs and sonar.
T3 2200 121 1980 60 200 Sub Sea Sub 330 660 2.0 130 160
Unit Image Description Tech Cost Build time Armor Speed View distance Terrain Attacks DPS Attack Repeat rate Ammo speed Range

DEFENSIVE UNITS[edit | edit source]

Defense units are crucial to defend the headquarters. There are units effective against enemy Land, Air and Sea units. Some of these weapons require advanced levels in the tech tree.

Comparison of Defensive unit types
Unit Image Description Tech Cost Build time Armor Power required View distance Terrain Attacks DPS Attack Repeat rate Ammo speed Range Requires
M779 M779 Defensive cannon.
Equipped with a 155mm caliber barrel against ground units.
T1 250 16 750 300 200 Land Land, Sea 100 100 1.0 300 350 N/A
GAAM GAAM Floating platform.
Features a guided air to air missile launcher.
T1 350 23 630 400 320 Air Air 88 53 0.6 400 300 N/A
Mavic Mavic Torpedo launcher. Protects the sea. T1 300 19 900 200 420 Sea Sea, Sub 120 240 2.0 130 400 N/A
AP250 AP250 Multi-role turret.
Fires a double chain of 50mm rounds against land and air units.
T2 750 47 2250 500 420 Land Land, Air, Sea 226 11.3 0.1 1000 400 N/A
Bertha Bertha Long range artillery.
Very effective for taking out distant enemy units.
T2 2000 114 3500 2000 400 Land Land, Sea 100 1500 15.0 450 1200 Radar Tower
IMS IMS Land mine.
Detects and damages only enemy units. Not detectable on radar.
T2 200 0 150 N/A 64 Land Land, Sea N/A 600 0.0 0 170 N/A
Zork Zork Sea mine.Detects and damages only enemy units. Not detectable on radar. T2 300 0 200 N/A 64 Sub Sea, Sub N/A 800 0.0 0 250 N/A
Phalanx Phalanx Anti-air floating turret.
Fires a single chain of 50mm ammo.
T2 800 50 2400 500 470 Sea Air 320 32 0.1 1000 450 N/A
Merlon Merlon Installation.
Has 4 long range cannons of high firepower.
T2 5000 223 15000 4000 350 Land Land, Air, Sea 1500 375 1.0 320 350 N/A
Zenith Zenith Submersible installation.
Has 4 long range torpedo launchers.
T2 6000 251 18000 8000 350 Sub Sea, Sub 2400 1200 2.0 130 300 N/A
Illuminati Illuminati Anti-ICBM Laser defense. T2 4000 209 6000 3000 300 Land, Sea Missile 1000 1000 1.0 1000 700 Radar Tower
M300 M300 Anti-air SAM launcher.
Rapidly fires a dual stream of missiles.
T3 2000 112 6000 1000 420 Land Air 800 400 1.0 500 400 N/A
Kallini Kallini Flame launcher.
Very powerful but with short range.
T3 2200 121 6600 800 270 Sea Land, Sea 880 2024 2.3 80 250 N/A

MEGA UNITS[edit | edit source]

The "Mega Units" are gigantic weapons that allow for very effective attacks. However, they cost more than normal units, take more time to build, require development of the tech tree up to level 3 and specific unique mineral ores to be harvested in special mines.

Comparison of Mega Unit types
Unit Image Description Requires Tech Cost Build time Armor Speed View distance Terrain Attacks DPS Attack Repeat rate Ammo speed Range
Rapture Rapture Massive submarine.
Fires a huge Mark V Torpedo.
T3 17,000 421 20,400 25 320 Sub Sea, Sub 3400 5100 3.0 100 300
Dreadnought Dreadnought Massive destroyer.
Has 2 long range double barrel cannons.
T3 16,000 411 22,400 20 350 Sea Land, Sea 3040 912 1.2 300 300
Goliath Goliath Massive tank.
Features quad medium range cannons.
T3 13,000 378 17,000 20 350 Land Land, Sea 2600 650 1.0 320 300
Titanis Titanis Massive gunship.
Rains down eight air to surface rockets per volley.
T3 15,000 400 13,500 30 350 Air Land, Sea 3000 300 0.8 200 300
Rapier Rapier Massive air superiority fighter.
Has 6 high speed guns.
T3 9,000 317 8,000 180 400 Air Land, Air, Sea 3000 200 0.4 600 300
Magna Lase Magna Lase Massive laser gun.
Damages any unit crossing its ray.
Power required: 8000
T3 20,000 445 40,000 N/A 300 Land Land, Sea 133 8000 60 0 10000
Missile Pad Missile Pad ICBM launch pad.
Builds and launches Jericho V & Poseidon missiles.
Power required: 8000
Eagle Eye T3 4,000 180 5,000 N/A 100 Land Sea N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
— Jericho V Jericho V ICBM.
Can destroy a huge area anywhere on the map.
N/A T1 15,000 400 1,000 500 64 Air N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 500
— Poseidon Poseidon ICBM equipped with a detonator.
Creates an EMP which disables all surface units for 30 seconds.
N/A T1 8,000 200 1,000 500 64 Air N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 400

TECHNOLOGIES[edit | edit source]

New Technologies can be researched in three distinct research facilities:

  • Looking Glass - 10 different upgrades of Sea units
  • Orchid - 11 different upgrades of Land units
  • Tempest - 9 different upgrades of Air units
Comparison of Technologies
Technology Icon Description Facility Tech Points Time
Helical Computing Grid Helical Computing Grid Installing new Target Motion Analysis computers yields 15% better range on ships. Looking Glass T1 1 180
Bandpass Filter Bandpass Filter Increasing passive sonar technology allows to detect ships 19% farther away. Looking Glass T1 1 70
High Efficiency Generators High Efficiency Generators All power generators produce 15% more power. Looking Glass T1 3 120
Precise Launch Algorithm Precise Launch Algorithm Refines the trajectory algorithms of sea turrets yielding 15% better range. Looking Glass T1 2 95
Torpedo Discharge Casing Torpedo Discharge Casing Naval units firepower is increased by 11% due to better fragmentation. Looking Glass T2 3 80
Explosives Chemistry Explosives Chemistry Upgrades sea turret projectiles chemistry to increase their damage by 15%. Looking Glass T2 2 130
Supercavitating Propeller Supercavitating Propeller Supercavitation is used to gain increased ship speed of 15% by reduced prop friction. Looking Glass T3 2 70
Reactive Hull Plating Reactive Hull Plating Adds intelligent hull plating to ships for 9% more protection. Looking Glass T3 2 70
High Temp Plasma Relays High Temp Plasma Relays Upgrades shields plasma relay circuits to expand the shield radius by 20%. Looking Glass T3 2 150
Gould Positronium Gould Positronium New laser driver technology increases disruptor output by 30%. Looking Glass T3 2 90
Fuel Refinery Fuel Refinery A higher octane fuel provides ground forces with 15% more speed. Orchid T1 2 90
FLIR Prism Focusing FLIR Prism Focusing Ground units have 18% increased visability thanks to a new imaging technology. Orchid T1 1 60
Specialized Optics Specialized Optics Creating special optical components for turrets yields 20% better view. Orchid T1 1 30
Dirty Ordinance Dirty Ordinance Outfits turrets with chemically laced ammo to increase their damage by 13%. Orchid T1 3 90
High Strength Barricades High Strength Barricades Reinforces walls with 20% more steel. Orchid T1 1 60
Molecular Hardened Steel Molecular Hardened Steel Surrounds all buildings with a special blend of steel to increase the damage they can withstand by 17%. Orchid T1 3 180
Laser Etched Barrels Laser Etched Barrels A more precise barrel manufacturing technique increases ground units' range by 16%. Orchid T1 3 90
Topological Lightweight Armor Topological Lightweight Armor Improves armor technology for vehicles through the topological arrangement of multiple materials to achieve 15% more armor. Orchid T2 2 70
High Volume Charges High Volume Charges Increases the powder charge of turret shells by 10% yielding better range. Orchid T2 2 120
Explosives Research Explosives Research Refines the chemical recipe for ground units increasing firepower by 12%. Orchid T3 3 120
Advanced Ceramic Armor Advanced Ceramic Armor Adds ceramic plating to all turrets to increase the damage they can take by 16%. Orchid T3 1 60
Laser Guidance System Laser Guidance System Aircraft can lock onto targets 22% farther. Tempest T1 2 120
Advanced RADAR Waveguide Advanced RADAR Waveguide Precision manufacturing leads to 16% in performance increase aircrafts radar. Tempest T1 1 70
Secret Agents Secret Agents Implant agents in enemy labs give detailed intel on their research and report detailed stats on enemy units. Tempest T1 1 120
Intelligence Service Intelligence Service Gathers intel on the number of enemy units and buildings and specific details about enemy plans. Tempest T1 3 120
UWB RADAR UWB RADAR Upgrades RADAR towers to use ultra-wideband technology to increase resolution and unit tracking capabilities. Tempest T1 1 50
Carbon Fiber Turbines Carbon Fiber Turbines Lighter weight turbines allow aircraft to travel 15% faster. Tempest T2 3 120
Dual Property Steel Armor Dual Property Steel Armor Manufacturing technology to fabricate covers for critical components yields a 20% increase in aircraft protection. Tempest T3 1 70
Shell Casing Research Shell Casing Research Airborne units firepower becomes 14% more lethal. Tempest T3 2 80
Base Jamming Base Jamming Upgrades radar jammers with high current switches to increase radar jamming range by 35%. Tempest T3 1 60

TECHNICS[edit | edit source]

Ingame graphics are based on raster graphics (i.e., bitmaps).

The game engine renders fog and water as strips instead of tiles which increases its rendering performance.

RECEPTION[edit | edit source]

The game has received positive reviews, notably from these magazines:

Pocket Gamer
Touch Arcade
Phone Blog
Touch My Apps
iPhone Life Magazine

REFERENCES[edit | edit source]

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